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I’m fat.

Okay, bold statement, yes I know. Maybe a bit too strong. But overweight, definitely. I’ve known all this year that I’ve slowly started to gain back weight I lost in 2004, but haven’t been putting enough effort into getting it under control.

Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in a long time to start running again (as I’ve been roped into a half marathon in 5 weeks). It was definitely a struggle running and I could tell I was really out of shape. But what really did it for me was when I got on the scale after working out and I was heavier than I’ve been in over 4 years! I had guessed I’d weigh what I did, but I was hoping to be wrong. Sadly, no. Reality STRIKES!! No more half-assed attempts. I will NOT let myself get to be where I was prior to 2004. So what this means is working out on a daily basis (with maybe 1-2 days off), really paying attention to what I’m eating (not eating out as much which fits in well with my desire to stop spending so much money!) and to start going back to Weight Watcher meetings. I used to go on Friday’s but as I have meetings all day tomorrow, I’ll be going on Saturday morning.

Some of you may think I’m being a bit ridiculous (how many times have I heard, “you look fine!” & “you’re beautiful as you are, you don’t need to lose weight”) but pictures don’t lie (and neither do clothes…there are several items in my closet that I’m avoiding because I know they’ll be tight). Take a look at this picture for Dec 2005. It’s a group photo – I’m in the lower right corner (with the red glasses).

Even just seeing my face in this photo, I can tell it’s much thinner there than it is now. So to accomplish this I need your help! For those of you who see me/talk to me on a regular basis, encourage me/motivate me! If I seem like I’m veering toward not going to the gym or eating/drinking something I shouldn’t, give me a hard time about it! If I talk back, tell me I TOLD you to do this! I promise I wont get mad.

Any tips from anyone who has lost weight in the past and kept it off? Or like me had a relapse and needs to find motivation again? Thanks in advance.



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Awkward moments…

You know you have them…watching the television show and/or film where you know the hero or heroine is about to be embarrassed, walking a different route to the kitchen in your office to avoid fellow co-workers, avoiding those persistent panhandlers on the street by taking out your cell phone…those cringe worthy moments that sometimes force you to change the channel, walk a different route or pretend like you’re talking on your cell phone to avoid a conversation…

I encounter this at least once a day in my building. Since our bathrooms are shared with everyone on the floor, I’m constantly walking down a long hallway to get there. Almost every time I run into someone I work with either walking back or walking to the kitchen. You feel forced to say hello but it’s awkward…why do I have to say hello? Can’t we just walk past each other? Why do I feel that common courtesy dictates an acknowledgment or a hello. It’s awkward as hell…but I do it….because I am a lamb in the pasture of society. Baaaah!
Tell me about your awkward moments? Make me feel less awkward in acknowledging them!

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Okay, it’s always odd starting a blog and getting yourself situated in the blogworld.  i suspect most of the people who will read this will be friends of mine unless you just happen to find me randomly – and if so, WELCOME!

A lot of people write about something specific when they blog….food blogging, mommy blogging, travel blogging, tech blogging, music blogging,  etc.  While I enjoy all those things (well, except the mommy bit as I’m not a mommy), I don’t feel passionate enough about any of them to write a blog SOLELY about one subject (although travel and music come close).  So this blog is just about everything and anything I decide to write about… about the craziness and randomness that is my life in San Francisco, about work, about feelings (icky!) about whatever.  Enter at risk…

And just a little about me – I’m a 31 year old woman (Gosh, woman sounds so old) who works in the bio-pharmaceutical world of South San Francisco.  I sing in a professional choir (which I’m sure I’ll write about at some point) and I love to travel (especially to the UK…my home away from home).  Obviously there’s more to me than that, but that’s all you get for now…

Not sure how often I’ll post pics of myself…probably more than I should, but this is me:

And there you have it…there’s something I’m dying to get off my chest, but it’ll have to wait as work beckons…


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Stay tuned…

Hello WWW!

I’ve finally come out of hiding after keeping a private web blog for over a year…more to come about who I am, what I’m doing here and how I will attempt to keep you entertained.


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